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Dil Se..
Amar Varma (Shahrukh Khan), a radio reporter of All India Radio, travels to the north of India to the people there about polling "50 years of independence". On a deserted train station, he encounters an unknown beauty (Manisha Koirala), who agrees, after some initial silence, let Amar buy a tea - only to then leave literally because of the entering Amar train in the rain.

In his other work, in which he interviews, among other things with his soundman Shukla (Raghuvir Yadav) rebels, he meets several times to the girl who gives him to understand that he should give it up, then tells him that she was married. Their cousins back it's strong, but Amar wants to forget the Beautiful.

In the Himalayan border area, he meets again on the beauty, whose name - as it turns out - is Meghna and suddenly in a bus posing as his wife. Both spend some time and it appears to be developing between the two something to Meghna suddenly disappears without a trace.

Back in Delhi, Amar is confronted with the arranged marriage with Preeti, Meghna run just to turn on the road. While the wedding preparations are in full swing, takes Amar Meghna into his home and worried her a job at All India Radio. Meanwhile, the Indian intelligence comes to the track Meghnas and Amar. It turns out that Meghna belonging to a terrorist group who want to disrupt the independence celebrations. Amar can stop them and they blow themselves up in the air.

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