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Prince Malachi takes over after the death of his father reluctantly the crown. Together, he returns with his friend Jason to his home country after the two of Jason's royalist brother Erik were retrieved. The country presents itself to him in a devastating state. A not known to him Plage has made it uninhabitable and wasteland. Then the wizards and witches hunters Kramer explains the Prince, Jason and Erik on the fact that his country has to suffer Dragonnoof under the thumb of a witches Association. He shows them a book, which is part of the witches. In this, the solution is to defeat the Red Queen in the form of a riddle. Kramer brings the proof that witches exist when he unmasked a villager as a witch. With a troupe of faithful Malachi sets off to defeat the Red Queen and save his country.

Along the way they meet a group of fighters with their leader Darian who join their group after a fight. After a few days they reached the city Kadistan, Kramer feared witches here also. Hobart, the chief councilor, called Malachi and his dare welcome and invites them to a feast. There the inhabitants of the town turn out to be witches and Hobart as the Red Queen. It comes to kill to fight with the Red Queen tries to Jason, but his brother Erik sacrifices herself for him. It is Jason from Jozefa, the daughter of the Red Queen, captured. Malachi and his soldiers to flee. Now the Red Queen wants with her army to attack the fortress of King Malachi. Jozefa has fallen in love with Jason and he get into it. Nevertheless, she leads her mother's commands yet.

Meanwhile, Malachi equips his people for battle. Shortly afterwards dive the Red Queen on her army. She wants Jason to trade against the witches book, but he refuses. After this decision Malachi attacks the army of the queen. Jason uses the fray to disappear. The battle to decide the queen for himself and kills the fighter Darian. Malachi and Kramer are arrested by the Queen. Kramer previously can still hide the book. Immediately after the fleeing Jason is stopped by Jozefa and put in chains. At the same time reveals the Red Queen Malachi that he was her son and Jozefa his sister. They wanted to take revenge on his father, because he had separated at birth by banishment of her two children because she took the magic to save her sick son Malachi.

Despite this disclosure, Malachi closes his mother and is inserted into the dungeon. In the same room also sits Kramer, the two get there now to the solution of the riddle. After the revelation of the Queen they know now, that only Malachi can kill his mother. Shortly afterwards, Kramer was murdered by the witches guards. Jozefa has received the order to kill Jason, but she freed him instead and joins his cause. The two now hurrying to the prison and free Malachi. Before they go to the Queen, proves Malachi Kramer's corpse still pay their last respects. Arrived with his mother, now fighting the three against them. In the end, Malachi and Jozefa stick a knife in the belly and last but not least also the queen dies of it. Malachi and Jozefa survive. In the last scene of the film Malachi, Jason and Jozefa hold a grave speech over the dead Erik, who is laid out behind them.

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