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Ice Planet

The film takes place at approx. Thirty years after a devastating war between the Union and the consortium led to the death of 10% of Earth's population. Space Colony is suddenly attacked by Newton 5 a huge alien spacecraft, leading to the deaths of 200,000 people. Alien ship then begin to annihilate an army base on Jupiter's moon, Io. Noah Trager base commander with recent graduates cadets succeed in escaping with the nearby research vessel, "Magellan," which was commissioned by Professor Karteez Ruml. Ruml (encouraged by Sen. Jeremy Uvan who was in the military base) insists that Magellan to continue the original mission secret, rather than return to Earth to defend. Watch the alien ship, the refugees established by section 9 in space - Magellan's original destination, but research vessel suddenly removed from the hyperspace of a spatial phenomenon unknown. After traveling through interstellar space ship is drawn to an unidentified ice planet where it will automatically land in a crater. The planet has a breathable atmosphere and gravity as the Earth, but there is an unknown field of force that keeps the planet on Magellan and the 1426 refugees on board. Orbit is also very unusual, being similar to that of a spacecraft than a planet. Planet Ice that is is located so far from Earth that no Andromeda galaxy is visible in the sky. Magellan is locked and its crew realizes that it is impossible to return to Earth.

Ruml crew reveal amazed that six years ago, a meteor crashed near Sumatra. Crystal meteor highly heat resistant and extremely old, called "ICE-13" terrestrial researchers who have found information encoded in the crystal structure. Professor Ruml managed to break the code and found that it contains accurate information for building an advanced spacecraft. Crystal also contained spatial coordinates of sector 9, and dire warnings about a threat from outer space indefinitely, so it was decided to build the ship Magellan to discover the source of the meteorite. The mission was kept secret from the public, although the Union leadership was informed of the danger of the unknown.

The crew of the Magellan soon begin to explore the surroundings. A ground team discovers a vast underground network of energy with a power source located about 500 miles from the ship. Meanwhile, in orbit around the planet of ice, two reconnaissance spacecraft launched by Magellan are attacked and destroyed by the same enormous alien ship that Newton destroyed five military base on the moon Io. A pilot manages to eject the planet's atmosphere. A rescue team from the Magellan, trying to locate him, discovers a cave that is artificial power source. A Native American tribe called the "Inaku" lives there and it is not clear how he got billions of light years from Earth. Finally, it found a strange and brilliant crystalline body having the appearance of a tree. After analysis of a small sample of tissue is people that it contains large amounts of information encoded on Earth civilizations, including dozens of extinct languages, including Aramaic and Sumerian.

Back to Magellan, an alien life form invades the ship suddenly. It is revealed that Planet Ice is a kind of safe haven for alien intelligence, but was discovered by "Zedoni" same race hostile to launch enormous spaceship that attacked the colony Newton 5 alien refugees transported in Magellan deliberately in time and space for a purpose unknown. Aliens presents a vision of Earth's people burned and turned into ashes, but it is unclear if the image is present or future ("you must play your role," says the alien). The film ends while ice planet is transported by another crack of space-time in a different star system with the same four months previously seen in a vision by Professor Ruml.

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