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The film is set in the high-tech Paris of the future. The laboratory of the French secret service has developed a digitization method for memory with the name Chrysalis. The memory of the subjects is canceled, can be so that memories and experiences of another person transferred and stored. The former employee of the Bulgarian secret service and now a member of organized crime Dimitri Nicolov stole the device developed for this purpose some time ago and let it be to the highest bidder.

Thus, the unit is now in the surgical clinic of Professor Brügen, a health care professional for telesurgery, whose 18-year-old daughter Manon is since a car accident in a coma. Brügen strives Manon digitized memories with the help of Chrysalis in the brain of a procured by Nicolov and living illegally in France girl named Elena transfer after it has deleted their memories. Nicolov procured another "human material" for Chrysalis-tests since Prof. Brügen with progress Elena is not yet satisfied. As one of the victims (Tatjana) falls into a coma and dies, the coroner after recovery of the body firmly massive brain damage, minor scratches on the eyelids and Nicolovs fingerprints.

The Parisian police officer David Hoffmann has a score to settle with the major criminals Nicolov open, because his partner and colleague Sarah was brutally killed during a police operation before his eyes of Nicolov. David manages to arrest Nicolov in a Parisian workshop and he gets later in a detention center during a tussle opportunity to take revenge and kill Nicolov. Too early happy - David Hoffmann has inadvertently Nicolovs identical twin brother killed. The feud continues. Nicolov coat David Hoffmann in his private apartment and kidnapped him to let him wipe out in Prof. Brügens clinic memory. He is then no longer viewed by Hoffmann as an opponent, his hope. As Prof. Brügen is in a dependent relationship to Nicolov, it does the job reluctantly.

After the treatment, which consists of power surges, in essence, David is disoriented exposed on the streets of Paris. Employees of the French secret attack him on there and can through medical examinations brain damage (such as conspecific with Tatyana's body) and seven minor injuries on the eyelids as they arise through eyes spreader find. David colleague Marie to help him find his memory, because the device does not work 100% correctly. Particularly traumatic experiences (such as the death of Sarah) remain may get in the subconscious.

Slowly, the memories return. David and Marie go for the purpose of research to the clinic. There succeeds David finally to kill his adversary Nicolov and incidentally to free Manon from her "prison". He is her bodyguard, while they must find back to life.

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