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Elephant Boy

Elephant Boy is a British adventure film from 1937, based on the story Toomai of the elephants from the jungle book by Rudyard Kipling. Was directed by Robert J. Flaherty and Zoltan Korda. Premiere in Germany on 5 July 1937 again in the Federal Republic in 1949, in the GDR in 1959.


The Little Toomai lives with his eponymous father Mahut in the third generation. and whose elephant Kala Nag in the Principality of Mysore. An elephant catcher Petersen call following that wants to recruit forty mahouts for an expedition. they compete in Melkote and be set. The little Toomai may with ; he prays ( in Shravanabelagola ) for a final determination.

But finding elephants in the jungles of Karapur remains for six weeks without success. The upper Mahut Machua Appa brings Petersen to still not give up ; previously he had told her about the rumor that elephants gathered further north. - The little Toomai would be Mahut. but he is told that he could until he had seen the elephants dance - which so far managed to anyone.

In Petersen's Hunting a Tiger Toomais father comes through carelessness killed. After the cremation Kala Nag will be awarded to the Mahut Rham Lahl. But Kala Nag can not get over the death of his previous mahouts. travels going to hurt Rham Lahl and ravaged the camp until Toomai calms him. Rham Lahl requires that Kala Nag is killed. Petersen can stop him. but before Toomai learns of this. he flees with Kala Nag in the jungle. Here. hundreds of elephants to dance, the Toomai of Kala Nag's back from gathering observed. Thus. as Petersen's squad Toomai place, the hunting will still brought to a successful conclusion. and the little Toomai. who now as his grandfather " Toomai of the Elephants" is called. begins under the guidance of Machua Appa his training to Mahut.

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